In Memory of Paula Kassell


Paula continued to be a very active member until very recently, consulting and appearing several times on the chapter’s public access TV show, which was named after her newspaper, New Directions for Women. Besides editing and writing a column for New Directions, she created a series of feminist conferences in the 1970s and 1980s and established the Positive Image of Women Award.

Paula was instrumental in getting the New York Times to use the term Ms, and convincing The Times and other newspapers to integrate the Help Wanted Ads. In her last year Paula wasn’t satisfied with the quality of her life and made the decision to stop eating. Friends had tried to dissuade her, but failing, they came from all over to say goodbye.

Mavra Stark reports that, the day before her death Paula was listening to opera and talking to friends and family on the phone. Besides her many friends, she leaves a son, Daniel. Her daughter, Claire died of breast cancer a few years ago. Paula herself defeated breast cancer twice. There will be no funeral service, as Paula donated her body to a medical school . A memorial , which she helped to plan, will be held in late September or early October.

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