Women's Soccer Players to Get Equal Pay

Women's Soccer Players to Get Equal Pay

Rewind to 1999, when I wrote this article for our newsletter (and Cindy Parlowe was playing for the US Team):

I had the privilege of attending Opening Ceremonies of the 1999 Women’s World Cup Soccer game at the Meadowlands on a very hot sweltering, dripping humid Saturday afternoon, with Shelly Herekyk and another friend. It was well worth the trip. The opening ceremonies were on par with any Super Bowl ceremonies. Only better, because this was the biggest celebration of women’s sports to have ever happened in the entire world!

The large flags of all twelve nations were carried out, length-wise, by 6 or 8 girls from each country. Then a young woman from each country got up and spoke the same words in her native language: “This is my game. This is my future. Watch me play.” By the time the third woman spoke, tears were streaming down my face. Tears of joy. Tears of pride. I never thought I would see this - this level of women’s sports in my life time. For an avid sports fan who was born a feminist, this was the pinnacle of everything up until now. And hopefully it is the beginning of another whole phase of women, & women’s sports.

We were treated to three musical groups, (well-known to the younger set, unknown to me, but quite pleasant) and a wonderful competitive game, beating Norway 3-0. We all now know that the USA team went onto win The Cup, and every where they played, they broke the record on “most people to ever see a women’s sporting event EVER.” I think they broke the record three times, culminating in the Rose Bowl finale against China (which we won in an overtime shootout).

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