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Gun Control is a Woman’s Right

Gabrielle Giffords was nearly killed when a would-be assassin shot her in the head during a meeting with constituents in Tucson, Arizona. The Press and political pundits were unanimous in their predictions that this would finally lead to some level of gun control. It was argued that, at a minimum, a ban on the 31 round clips was a fait accompli. The statistics are stunning. From Women Against Gun Violence, “American women who are killed by their intimate partners are more likely to be killed with guns than by all other methods combined.”

From the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, “Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to be killed with a gun”. These forms of directed and random violence make it clear that sensible gun control is directly related to the life and pursuit of happiness of women. We must make it exceedingly clear to our Representatives and Senators that gun control is a paramount issue for women. We cannot accept the illogic of the gun lobbies. In January 2011, HR-308 was introduced to limit the
clips. Three months later, after the incessant lobbing by gun interests, nothing has yet happened, but it is not too late to make that phone call or write that letter in support of this legislation.

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