Your non-presence is respectfully requested at the fundraising event of the season.

 Sponsored by the Morris County Chapter of the National Organization for Women.


     Date: Until November 31, 2020

Featuring many exciting, one-of-a-kind items that you will be thrilled NOT to take home:


Select Your Price  
Mitch McConnell’s seldom-used chin strap.
A one-day tour of the border wall, all expenses paid by Mexico
A set of blinders and ear plugs worn by Republican lawmakers so they cannot see or hear the truth.
William Barr’s discarded law books and unread copy of the Constitution
A “Get Out of Jail Free Card” used by former members of the Trump Administration
A jewel-encrusted decoder ring for deciphering Donald Trump’s off-the-teleprompter speeches
Senator Susan Collins’ ball of string used to string people along while waiting for her decisions
An authentic knock-off of Melania’s “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?” jacket for those days when you just can’t watch another minute of CNN. Can be ordered in Pre-Quarantine and Post-Quarantine sizes
A year’s supply of Goya beans, each can autographed by Ivanka Trump
A copy of Donald Trump’s latest book:  The Art of Foreign Relations: Diplomacy by Dummies


* NO Zoom Meetings * NO Driving * NO Baby-Sitters * NO Work *

* NO Selling Tickets * NO Phone Calls * NO SHOW *

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