A user with Authoring permission can add a post to a blog. The FAQ will guide you through the steps required to make a blog post.

You can log on to the site from the “Login” button at the top left or from the “Blog” page itself.site logonOnce you have navigated to a blog page by clicking on “Blog” on the top left or “Action..Our Blog” in the menu you will see a list of catagories with a menu bar.  On the left of the menu bar you will see:

blog write

Click on the pencil symbol and you will be taken to the blog editor.  You will be taken to the blog entry and editor page.  The first step is to select the catagory for the post from the drop down menu:

blog select

Next enter a title for your blog post:

blog title

The content of your blog is entered into the editor area.  This editor is a “what you see is what you get” editor but there is a option to “Toggle editor” to raw HTML to allow direct control.  Insure that you have selected “Published” (this is the default) in the upper right corner.  You can add a “Read More” break in the text that will separate a headline or synopsis from the body of the text.

blog editor

When you have finished with the body of the blog, scroll down to select optional tags.  Tags are used for grouping and searching for related posts.  You can use an existing tag.  If your account has the ability you can also create a new tag.

blog tag

Next scroll down the page to the posting options.  Here you can change the name of the author, allow or deny comments, set a delayed publication date and set a date for the publication to be deleted.  Note that the defaults are generally what you want.

blog options

We will not discuss Meta Tags in this how to.  These tags are used to help search engines catagorize a web entry.  

When you complete your edits and option selections, you are ready to publish.  Depending on the authority options of your account you can directly publish your blog or submit it for review.

blog publish


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