Rep Holt Official HeadshotNATIONAL NOW PAC Endorses Representative Rush Holt as the Candidate of Choice in the Special Primary Election

Upon unanimous recommendation of the NOW-NJ PAC, the National NOW PAC has endorsed U.S. Representative Rush Holt in the special primary August 13th election for the open New Jersey U.S. Senate seat.


     According to NOW-NJ PAC Chair Jennifer Armiger:


     “The NOW-NJ PAC and the National NOW PAC feel that Rush Holt is the best candidate to uphold former Senator Frank Lautenberg’s legacy in support of women’s rights, progressive issues, and equality for all in the Garden State and at the federal level.




   “In sharp contrast to some of the other candidates in the primary race, Holt has a record of leadership on women’s and progressive issues. He has been willing to stand up and defend the rights of women, the LGBTQI community, and the hardworking voters in his district, even when it has meant challenging the political status quo.


     “While the NOW-NJ PAC was able to schedule interviews with Representative Rush Holt, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, and Representative Frank Pallone, Mayor Cory Booker’s campaign was entirely unresponsive to our requests for interview, despite repeated attempts to contact his offices by phone, email, and other means. For this reason, the NOW-NJ PAC cannot consider a recommendation for endorsement of Booker’s candidacy.


     “We note that our difficulties with the Booker campaign speak plainly to the broad concerns about his bid for office and the running of his Senate campaign–that he is strong on style and ideas, but weak and unproven on the issues. He is unresponsive to his constituency and has produced little in terms of real outcomes that improve the lives of residents and voters in the city of Newark, most especially women and the underserved.


     “Feminists and progressive allies will not simply hand over a Senate seat in the face of the pressure of public celebrity. New Jersey voters deserve a candidate who will have their best interests at heart–that candidate is Rush Holt.”


   A longtime member of the board of Planned Parenthood of Mercer County, Holt supports and will continue to defend abortion rights and reproductive freedom. He supports the Equal Rights Amendment, pay equity for women, marriage equality, protection of social security, labor rights and public sector workers’ rights, environmental protection, and single-payer health insurance. Holt also strongly defends civil liberties and he is unwilling to bargain away workers’ rights and protections, as well as United States industry and sovereignty, in the name of free trade.


For more information on this endorsement, please contact Jennifer Armiger at 609-251-7612 or president@nownj.org.


Jennifer Armiger, Ph.D.




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