Help Us Unite NJ Communities to End Human Trafficking in New Jersey

As you may know, Morris County NOW was one of the founding members of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking in 2011.  NOW-NJ, Northern NJ NOW, and South Jersey NOW (Alice Paul) quickly followed as members.

An overview of the Coalition’s achievements over the last five years is attached; however, the Coalition has reached a critical point.  In order to continue our impressive work, the Coalition needs additional funding.  After reading the information below, I hope you will consider making a donation.

Thank you in advance.


Give your SUPPORT to the NJ Coalition, so we can continue to fight human trafficking TOGETHER!


Help Us Unite NJ Communities to End Human Trafficking in New Jersey:

Support the Coalition's Capital Campaign

Human Trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry and rapidly growing criminal industry second only to drug dealing and equal in scope to arms dealing. It involves the use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation of forced labor. New Jersey is a destination state for Human Trafficking as it is a major national and international transportation hub and a culturally diverse state.

  • The average age at which that a child is trafficked is between 11-14
  • 83% of sex trafficking victims found within the US are US citizens
  • In 2015, an estimated 1 out of 5 endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely child sex trafficking victims.

To end Human Trafficking in New Jersey, the NJ Coalition has been working for the past five years to create a strong abolitionist movement. Through strategic and thoughtful collaboration of more than 135 diverse organizations and hundreds of volunteers around the State, the Coalition is making a difference. However, to keep this momentum going it is a necessity to hire staff and change our financial status to a 501(c)(3) organization.

We need your financial support to help support this important Capital Campaign effort.



The Coalition plays a unique and impactful role in New Jersey  linking together government organizations law enforcement, grassroots organizations and those who provide assistance to survivors. 

Together we:

      Advocate for and monitor implementation of NJ legislation with elected officials, the NJ     Commission on Human Trafficking, and the NJ Human Trafficking Task Force;

      Build an abolitionist movement at the grassroots level by partnering with schools, local governments and community agencies  on Human Trafficking Awareness Day programs and other public awareness initiatives;

      Support survivors by serving as a central connector to those working in the field of Human Trafficking and survivor assistance and;

This year alone we organized prevention programs and raised awareness of THOUSANDS of people in New Jersey, trained middle school and high school teachers, worked with State legislators, and passed an anti-Human Trafficking Resolution at the Mayoral level, and more. We connected grassroots groups to the NJ Commission on Human Trafficking and the Attorney General's Human Trafficking Task Force. Read our Impact Report HERE.

In order to sustain the work needed to make real systemic change we have launched a campaign to raise $130,000 and we need your support. Whether you are able to make a significant gift of $10,000 or more as an individual or organization, or an amount of any size, your gift will be appreciated and will help our Coalition to meet our goals to end this horrible crime taking place in our State.


NJ working together can create a New Jersey Free from Human Trafficking!

 Help us continue our work & Donate today!

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