2012 Accomplishments

  • Some effort made in calling people, more effort went to voter registration.
  • Member’s corner set up. Early activity but nothing lately.
  • Some articles, At least one posting per week, often more
  • We did most of what we set out to do. Participated in rally, funding bus, got proclamations
  • We did the Essay with awards in 2012.
  • One program with Kirsten Brannigen “Disrimination in the Workplace”
  • Same fundraising effort nothing new.
  • More


2013 Goals


  • Active involvement with the effort against Human Trafficking  Continuous Effort. Partner with NAACP. Joint Event if possible
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Connect with the members at large (by phone or mail) in Morris, Sussex and Warren and get them to affiliate.  Remind members with expired or expiring membership to renew. Target: June 2013
  • Prepare for 2014 Essay Contest
  • Prepare for Festivals.       Investigate a backup for Morristown. Investigate a underwriter/donations.
  • Programs: Dawn Center for Independent Living (Disabled Persons) April 2013. Tyler Clementi foundation bulling, Andy Skuna. Gay Rights/LBGT August 2013
  • Add section on STEM in newsletter and web site.
  • Continue TV Show Production.  Expand promotion of the YouTube site. Explore the possibility of public viewings. Expand viewership area.
  • 40th Anniversary Event, Honoring. (at MUF?) Award (Annual and Lifetime Awards) Target October second or third weekend 2013 (Mrs. Cody, Maretta)
  • Improve fundraising to break even for the 2013.
  • Create a matching funds donation request or fundraiser to underwrite Tabling, Girl Scout Scholarship, Human Trafficking (tripled donation), Phenomenal Women.


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