2011 Accomplishments

  • Our “New Directions for Women” TV show is in its 18th year.  We produced 14 shows this year, number 219 was completed in December.
  • Promote our goals using literature and personal contact at the League of Women Voters Annual Meeting, Morristown’s Festival on the Green, and Madison’s Bottle Hill day.
  • We marched in the Morristown St Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Attended the Governor’s Conference
  • Lobbing in Trenton   Support Funding of  Women’s Heath
  • Co-sponsor of a production of “Words of Choice”
  • Attended the NOW National Conference
  • Anti-Wal-Mart Rally in June
  • Participated in the “Stop the Machine” /  Occupy DC rally in Washington DC
  • Petition (written and on line) to members of the House of Representatives. (written petition delivered to Rodney Frelinghuysen) to encourage them to co-sponsor the  Campus Safety Act  (HR 2016)
  • Move the Money Conference
  • 2011 Essay Contest
  • March for Peace Equality Newark April 4th
  • Women’s Healthcare Rally in Plainfield March 22nd (planed parenthood)
  • Host the NOW-NJ state board meeting.
  • Establish our Facebook page
  • Established our Twitter feed (currently 265 subscribers)
  • Participated in the Garden State Equality Walk.
  • Gift wrapping fund raiser
  • Garage sale fund raiser

2012 Goals

  • Connect with the members at large (by phone or mail) in Morris, Sussex and Warren and get them to affiliate.  Remind members with expired or expiring membership to renew.   Target: 1st Quarter 2012
  • Set up “Members Corner*” on web site and newsletter.  Target: Ten listings on line by Feb.
  • Continue our education effort.  Target: Two articles per newsletter cycle.   At least one social media post per week.
  • Organize a viewing of “MissRepresentation.”  Target: Presentation by April 2012.
  • Active involvement with the effort against Human Trafficking  Target: participate with HTA or similar organizations by October 2012
  • Essay contest by May.
  • Organize 3 programs (speaker, film, etc.)  in lieu business meetings during the 2012.
  • Improve fundraising to break even for the 2012.
  • Continue TV Show Production.  Expand promotion of the YouTube site.

*”Members Corner” is a section of the newsletter and a new page on the web site that will categorize books, movies, news articles, etc. that are of interest to members.  Entries in this section can include a short review by the member.  This section is open to all members.