The 2012 Equality Walk on Saturday, June 23rd, beginning at 4:00 pm at Erie Park in Montclair. We met at Erie Park at the corner of Walnut Street and Montclair Avenue. The walk was estimated to be approximately two-and-a-half mile circle through Montclair (it felt much longer :-) ) and ended at Egan & Son’s Pub, 118 Walnut Street, right by the starting point in Erie Park.

The Morris County Warriors


Vicky Stapleton Helping to Sell Equity Walk T-Shir

Speakers: Lautenberg, Palone, Weinburg and more

Partners Rosemary and Karen

On the Long March


Lautenberg, Weinberg, Goldstein

Event Organizers

Local Officials

Loretta Weinberg

First Marchers to Finish the Walk